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Tropico VR Lets You Become El Presidente Today On Quest

Tropico VR Lets You Become El Presidente Today On Quest

Tropico VR brings the city management and political sim to Quest today.

Released in 2011, Tropico 4 sees you play as a customizable character known as "El Presidente." Becoming the ruler of a Caribbean banana republic, you're tasked with ensuring your citizens' needs are being met by managing agriculture, healthcare, leisure, the military, foreign relations, and more. Should the citizenry become unhappy, failing to secure re-election will result in losing the game.

Initially developed by Haemimont Games, this VR adaptation is being handled by Feral Interactive. On Quest, Tropico includes Tropico 4's original 20-mission campaign and its post-launch content, including the Modern Times expansion with 12 missions, new buildings, and additional edicts. Ten smaller DLC packs with further missions, island decorations, avatar cosmetics, and more are also included alongside a freeform Sandbox mode.

Tropico reaches the Meta Quest platform today for $29.99.

Notice: This article was initially published on March 14, 2024. It was updated on March 28 to reflect the game's launch.

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