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Townscaper VR Arrives This October On Meta Quest And Pico Platforms

Townscaper VR Arrives This October On Meta Quest And Pico Platforms

Following a previous tease several months ago, Raw Fury announced Townscaper VR will launch for Meta Quest and Pico platforms on October 6.

Townscaper VR is a city-building game created by solo developer Oskar Stålberg, stemming from a flatscreen game released in 2021 for PC, Switch and mobile devices. Townscaper takes a different approach to other city-builders like  Cities: VR and Little Citiesyou won’t find rigorous city planning and there’s no specific objectives to meet. Instead, Townscaper utilizes an algorithm to generate houses, stairs and more, creating small seaside towns with ease. Stålberg considers this to be “more of a toy than a game,” calling it an “experimental passion project.”

The announcement trailer only offers a brief look at Townscaper VR’s interface. We can see the player pointing at water to create new buildings with their motion controllers and using the trigger as an “Add” button. On the analogue stick, several labels are visible in different directions, stating ‘next color’, ‘pick color’, and ‘remove’. While we didn’t receive any direct gameplay, Stålberg previously shared experimental concept footage back in March.

Despite the flatscreen Townscaper previously launching on Steam, we’ve had no confirmation of a PC VR edition just yet. When asked about a PSVR port on Twitter, Stålberg simply replied “who knows.” For now, then, Townscaper VR is sticking to standalone headsets, where it’ll launch for the Meta Quest and Pico platforms later this year. 

Have you played Townscaper previously? Interested in trying out the VR edition? Let us know in the comments below.

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