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Touring Karts Releases For Free On Quest Via App Lab

Touring Karts Releases For Free On Quest Via App Lab

Racing game Touring Karts is now available on Oculus Quest, with both a free and paid version available via App Lab.

Touring Karts is a VR racing game that first launched on PC VR and PSVR and is now available on Quest. It offers 22 tracks, over 500 collectible prizes and multiple perspective options for different comfort levels. There’s a story mode and multiplayer mode, both available in full in the free version of the game.

In a Reddit thread, the developers explained the reasoning for offering a free version on Quest. “We want to have people online, and the only way to achieve it is to offer it for free on the best platform. If you like it a lot, we offer a PRO version with some additional things like formula cars unlocked.”

The paid pro version, available for $14.99, is a separate app and provides access to customisation options and unlockable vehicles. While you will be able to drive those vehicles at select points in the story mode, the developers said you won’t be able to use them whenever you like unless you upgrade to Touring Karts Pro.

The Quest version of the game does offer cross-play support with the PSVR and PC VR versions of the game as well – no doubt another measure taken to keep the game’s online player base healthy and queue times low.

Touring Karts is available for free on App Lab for Oculus Quest now. For access to customisation options, cosmetics and unlockable items, you can purchase Touring Karts Pro for $14.99, also on App Lab.

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