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Touring Karts Aims To Level Up The Kart Racer For VR

Touring Karts Aims To Level Up The Kart Racer For VR

With the recent releases of Team Sonic Racing and Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, you’re likely in the mood to try even more kart racing. Ivanovich Games has an eccentric new option for you, Touring Karts, which lets you fire powerful weapons at your enemies and even drink tasty beverages as you race around the track.

Coming in late 2019 to PlayStation VR, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus, and Vive platforms, Touring Karts features 22 separate tracks, 45 power-ups, and 30 different karts. The karts themselves are modeled after real F1 designs, and you can choose to play with national teams from all over the world.

It will include both online and story modes, and there are several different view options, depending on your preference. These include a dizzy-free option sitting in an arcade cabinet, first-person, room-scale, or third-person views. Several control options are available, as well, including steering wheels, handheld controllers, gamepads, and the 3dRudder accessory.

Touring Karts will support cross-platform play, but that’s not the only thing you can mix up. You can combine the various power-ups to create all-new tools during races. Merging a banana peel with a bazooka will create a banana launcher, which is perfect for disrupting distant opponents.

Touring Karts will also be available in non-VR, VR Arcade, and mobile versions, and the VR release is far from the first VR kart game. VR Karts has been available for more than four years, but its more relaxed and simple approach to racing stands in stark contrast to Touring Karts’ all-out insanity.

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