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Titanic: A Space Between Brings A Time Travel Rescue Mission To VR This February

Titanic: A Space Between Brings A Time Travel Rescue Mission To VR This February

Ready to set off on a time travel VR rescue mission aboard the RMS Titanic?

That's the premise of Titanic: A Space Between, which was initially announced last year. The announcement trailer confirmed you'll be sent back in time onto the Titanic with the aim of traveling through the ship and investigating what happened to a woman named Diana, who may have gotten stuck on board.

However, it looks like things will soon go astray, with the narrator announcing that the player has arrived aboard the ship 24 hours later than intended – presumably the point at which the ship begins to sink, judging by all the water present.

A Space Between comes from developers Globiss Interactive. It will be their first foray into VR, after previously releasing flatscreen titles Under: Depths of Fear and Filthy Hands on Steam.

Previously planned for Q4 2023, that's now launching on February 14 on Quest. Both trailers specifically note that the in-game footage is captured on Quest 2. For standalone footage, it looks pretty impressive – especially given it's dealing with moving bodies of water, which can be a fairly resource-intensive inclusion.

PC VR and PSVR 2 releases will follow at an unknown date. However, the latest announcement makes no mention of a Pico release, which was previously listed in the original trailer. When asked for clarification, UploadVR was told a Pico version is still in development.

Notice: This article was originally published by Harry Baker on July 20, 2023. It was updated by Henry Stockdale on January 24, 2024, to reflect the revised release window.

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