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Timbaland Music Pack Launches On Beat Saber Featuring 5 Original Tracks

Timbaland Music Pack Launches On Beat Saber Featuring 5 Original Tracks

Update March 26: The Timbaland Music Pack is now available in Beat Saber on all supported platforms. Original post published March 17 below.

As part of its Game Developers Showcase this week, Facebook unveiled the details of Beat Saber’s next DLC music pack. Following on from the Green Day and Panic! At The Disco music packs, the next installment will be a Timbaland music pack featuring 5 original songs made exclusively for the game. 

You might remember Timbaland from the 90s and 2000s – he’s an American rapper, music producer and DJ known for his original music and music production, often collaborating with other artists such as Justin Timberlake and Chris Cornell (yes, really, Chris Cornell). His Beat Saber music pack will include 5 original tracks, written and produced exclusively for Beat Saber, each featuring different artists. The track list is as follows:

  • Sid Tipton, Timbaland – Has A Meaning
  • Kaydence, Timbaland – Dumb Thingz
  • Wavezswavesz – While We’re Young
  • Nash Overstreet, Karra & Common Strangers – What I Like
  • Bruno Martini, Timbaland – Famous ft. Jake Davis

The music pack will launch later this month on March 26 for $7.99 as a bundle or for $1.99 per track. Each track will also be released on major music platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music, to stream and purchase from midnight PT on March 26.

This music pack follows on from the Green Day music pack, released late last year. In my review, I thought Green Day’s rock tracks presented a nice change of pace from previous Beat Saber releases. All the existing music packs span a mix of different genres, with the Beat Saber levels changing in pace, feel and style to reflect the different kinds of music. It will be interesting to see whether any R&B and rap tracks in the Timbaland music pack will present a different style of play to what we’ve seen before. 

The Timbaland music pack arrives in Beat Saber on March 26, available for $7.99 as a bundle or $1.99 per track.

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