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Tilt Brush Update Adds Camera Paths And Google Drive Backups

Tilt Brush Update Adds Camera Paths And Google Drive Backups

A new Tilt Brush update for PC VR and Oculus Quest added some great new features. They include camera paths for PC VR, which will significantly help Tilt Brush artists record videos of their work to post online.

The new Tilt Brush release, version 23, includes only a few new features. However, each of those features are fairly significant and should help Tilt Brush creators in a multitude of ways.

The biggest feature is the addition of camera paths, which allows users to create a variable path for a virtual camera within their Tilt Brush projects. This means that a set path can be created, tweaked and customised before being played through and recorded to post online.

Previously, there was no way to set and record a virtual camera in Tilt Brush, resulting in many creators simply moving through their sketches physically in order to create a recording.

You can see an example of the camera path feature below, recorded by Tilt Brush co-creator Patrick Hackett.

This is a pretty incredible new feature that will no doubt make many Tilt Brush users incredibly happy. It will be a great way to properly showcase Tilt Brush creations.

Camera paths are currently only available for Tilt Brush on PC VR. The feature is unlikely to be in included in the Oculus Quest version in the future, due to the restraints of the mobile system. That being said, users would hypothetically be able to create a sketch with the Oculus Quest version and then open it in the PC VR version in order to create and record a camera path for the project.

One new feature that might help facilitate that is the addition of Google Drive backups. This new Tilt Brush release added the ability to sign into a Google account and enable backups to Google Drive, although it is still in beta for now. Users can choose to backup sketches, snapshots, their media library, videos and exports to Google Drive. Similarly, Tilt Brush now also supports uploading directly to Sketchfab.

You can read the full release notes for Tilt Brush Version 23 here.

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