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Throwback Available Next Month In Steam Early Access

Throwback screenshot

Throwback mixes Paperboy, ProSkater and Road Rash in VR with a 90s retro-futuristic twist, and it's out next month in Steam Early Access.

Announced at the UploadVR Summer Showcase 2023, Throwback is an action-arcade VR game from Look On Media. Using on-rails movement, you are tasked with tracking down your crew's missing founder. That involves throwing zines at drones, obstacles, mailboxes, UFOs and more to score points, building up your tally with multipliers. Using a 'Pog Punk' aesthetic, here's the reveal trailer:


"Upgrade your arsenal of destruction while unlocking minigames, playable arcade cabinets, and even new regions," states Look On in a press release. Within the trailer, purchasable items like an improved gun, phonebook, and lighter for setting your paper on fire can also be spotted. Look On Media provided this official description:

You play as the newest member of a defunct zine crew tasked with tracking down the missing founder. Journey through the wacky retro future 90’s world where digital has taken over. Chuck zines at a wild and diverse fleet of drones, mailboxes, and weird baddies while racking up combos and upgrading your gear to fit your action style.

Throwback arrives in July on PC VR via Steam Early Access. A PSVR 2 release is coming in Q1 2024, while Look On targets a "Q1/Q2 2024" launch window for both the Meta Quest and Pico platforms.

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