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The Thrill Of The Fight VR Boxing Sim Hits Oculus Quest As Dev Teases Sequel

The Thrill Of The Fight VR Boxing Sim Hits Oculus Quest As Dev Teases Sequel

There’s another boxing game available on the Oculus Quest – The Thrill of the Fight — that presents itself as less of a game and more of a simulator.

The game aims to simulate real boxing as it encourages you to move around your play area, and it will adjust depending on how hard (or soft) you’re throwing your punches. It’s somewhere between a game and a simulator.

To celebrate the game’s release on Quest, the Oculus Blog conducted a Q&A with the single developer behind the game, Ian Fitz. “There are very few ‘game-y’ mechanics, and the combat mechanics are meant to mimic real life as best as I could achieve,” he said. “The exact damage and hit location of each of your punches is looked at to see what effect it had. Make sure to practice on the boxing dummy to see what areas you should be targeting (and what directions your swings should hit from).”

He also teased a sequel to the game that could be in the works. “Right now, I’m in the very early stages of trying to start a sequel utilizing the experience I’ve gained and that I can hopefully throw more resources at than what I had available for the first game. It’s too early to even know much about what that project will ultimately look like, but I’m trying to make it happen. I hope to have more to share on that in the future!”

I tried the game earlier today on my Quest and can confirm it’s a neat little boxing simulator that packs a punch. While I didn’t have time to go through all of what the game had to offer, loading up a quick sparing session got the heart racing. There’s a bunch of different modes for you to try out, against the computer but also with training props like punching bags.

Will you be picking up The Thrill of the Fight on Quest, or are you happy with one of the other boxing titles on the platform?

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