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Unravel Nazi Secrets In The Riese Project - Prologue On SteamVR

The Riese Project Prologue

The Riese Project tasks you with unravelling Nazi secrets, with a prologue out now on SteamVR.

Developed by Polish developer Real Invented Studio, The Riese Project was created within Unreal Engine 5 using Nanite and Lumen. It uses photoscanning technology to recreate Riese, a mysterious Nazi German construction project between 1943-1945 in Poland's Owl Mountains and Książ Castle. Split across seven underground structures, Riese's exact purpose has never been determined.

Playing as Anna, The Riese Project takes direct inspiration from true events to create a new mystery. Tasked with solving interactive puzzles, you use your in-game phone to dig through various messages, finding new clues about what transpired. Here's a story description from the Steam page:

The Riese Project - Prologue is a playable introduction to the full version of the game... As Anna, you will follow in the footsteps of your grandfather's discoveries, unraveling the secrets from World War II. Engage in a battle for the truth and risk losing your return to reality. Experience a fascinating world that completely engrosses the player.

The Riese Project - Prologue is available now on SteamVR for $14.99. A release window for the full version remains unknown.

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