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The Biggest VR Releases Of The Week Of 11/11/18

The Biggest VR Releases Of The Week Of 11/11/18

November, as a whole, is really shaping up to be a big month for new VR releases. There have been some solid new games and plenty of surprising new experience apps to try.

If you’re playing catch up, you can check out last week’s list here and our full list of everything dropping in November right here.

Crow: The Legend, from Baobab
Price: Free (Rift, Go, Gear VR)

Synopsis from our review:

A lot of people talk about how VR is an empathy machine, but when the snow comes and you just made life harder for a bunch of cute little animals it can force you to feel not just for them but the seasons themselves. I found it so much fun to change the seasons, do you think that’s why the seasons change? I felt that question while wearing the headset, but it wasn’t until writing this article I figured out how to put it into words.

Therein is the true magic of Crow: The Legend.

Runes: The Forgotten Path, from StormBorn Studio
Price: $24.99 (Rift, Vive, Windows VR)

Were a fan of The Wizards? Then you’re probably gonna dig Runes: The Forgotten Path. Similarly, it’s a single-player magical action adventure game. One thing that sets Runes apart from other games of this type though is that it’s more heavily based on hand movements creating “runes” than others.

You can read our old preview from mid-last year here.

Age of Sail, from Google Spotlight Stories
Price: Free (Rift, Vive)

Synopsis from our review:

Directed by Oscar-winner, John Kahrs, Age of Sail is a 12 minute VR short that you can see as a 2D movie or inside a mobile VR headset, but it’s best viewed via a Steam download on Rift and Vive. It’s a piece about the changing of the guard and finding a place for yourself in the new world, two topics that it explores with an on-the-nose metaphor and a touch of warming affection.

Megalith Beta, from Disruptive Games
Price: Free (PSVR)

Megalith is now available for free in Open Beta for everyone with a PSVR. You can download it right now from the PSN Store. The beta period is expected to last for “a couple months” and will contain access to two of the five planned “Titans” or hero characters. Every week the rotation of access will change so that all Open Beta players have access to the same assortment at any given time.

Read more in our our preview.

Echo VR, from Ready at Dawn
Price: $9.99 (Rift)

Echo Combat provides a new twist on the zero-gravity gameplay first seen in Echo Arena and Lone Echo. You’ll take part in online battles in which you’ll seek to gun down other players as you throw yourself across arenas, protecting objectives and looking to destroy enemy targets.

The game’s going to launch with an assortment of new maps and weapons. Oculus also revealed that it’s bumping team sizes from 3v3 to 4v4 and confirmed that the game will feature a new progression system in which you’ll gain experience in public matches to unlock new cosmetic customization options. Oculus says Ready At Dawn will continue to support the game throughout 2019, so expect even more content down the line.

Read our previews for more details here and here.

Spheres, from Novelab and CityLights
Price: $9.99 (Rift)

Synopsis from our hands-on:

Spheres is a short VR experience about the vastness of space and simulating the sights and sounds of two blackholes colliding. To date, it’s the first VR experience I’ve had that replicates a small portion of what it feels like to watch a Christopher Nolan film. I was immediately reminded of Interstellar. It’s haunting, beautiful, and breathtaking.

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