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Tea Is Served Entertains Cryptids In A VR Comedy Horror

Tea is Served VR game

Tea is Served entertains Dracula, the Mothman, and more in this short comedy VR horror.

Developed by Jante Interactive with support from StoryFutures, Tea is Served sees you entertaining a most unusual series of guests, including a Wendigo, the Loch Ness Monster and Brian. You're tasked with ensuring their needs are met by serving up food and drinks. Failing this sees you becoming the meal instead.

For more information, here's the full description:

In Tea Is Served you find yourself as the entertainment for the annual tea party of the world’s most feared cryptids. As they shout at you from all sides, you must obey their bizarre requests until you either succeed and go free, or fail. But beware - if you fail, you might end up as dessert.

We briefly went hands-on with a Quest 2 prototype during EGX 2023, serving guests across this 360° environment while your character remains stationary in the middle. Between making a sandwich, blocking fleas from Chupacabra's soup and, naturally, pouring tea, it's a straightforward premise and we enjoyed this frightful dinner party's humor.

A release date remains unconfirmed and, when asked about platforms, Jante Interactive told UploadVR, "we’re currently looking for publishers who can help us finish our prototype and bring it to stores."

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