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Synth Riders Launches New 5-Track Muse DLC Pack

Synth Riders Launches New 5-Track Muse DLC Pack

A new DLC song pack is available for Synth Riders, featuring British rock band Muse and some of their greatest hits.

The pack includes five Muse songs, one of which has a special unique visual experience that goes with it. The DLC is available now for Oculus Quest and Steam, and will launch on PSVR later this month on September 29. The songs will also be included with a special physical edition of Synth Riders for PSVR, set to release in November.

Here’s the full tracklist:

– Starlight (with unique visual experience)

– Uprising

– Madness



The visual experience for Starlight is the second of its kind — Muse’s track Algorithm, available in Synth Riders as part of a previous DLC release, also includes a similar visual experience made specifically for the track.

“It’s incredibly inspiring to be able to work with Muse again. They are a perfect fit for Synth Riders because of their sound – when you ride the rails to match the vocals, the combination is electrifying and emotional,” said Kluge Interactive Creative Director Abraham Ageuro in a prepared statement. “For the Experience [in Starlight], our creative interpretation of the song’s lyrics gave us the freedom to explore a whole galaxy of particles, abstract images, and even a black hole!”

The Muse DLC pack is available now for Synth Riders on Oculus Quest and Steam, while PSVR users will have to wait a bit longer until September 29.

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