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Survios On Next-Gen VR: 'We're Putting Our Hopes On PSVR 2'

Survios On Next-Gen VR: 'We're Putting Our Hopes On PSVR 2'

Creed developer Survios has high hopes for a potential PSVR 2 headset.

Speaking on a panel about the next generation of console gaming hosted by VentureBeat in November of last year, Chief Product Officer TQ Jefferson said that Survios was “putting our hopes on PSVR 2 and what PSVR 2 is going to bring to the platform.”

Jefferson pointed to many of the potential features that have been outlined in Sony research videos and patents over the past few years. He referenced things like finger-tracking on possible new motion controllers and enhanced haptic feedback as seen in PS5’s DualSense controller.

“Joysticks and standard face buttons being on controllers, seeing that homogenized is going to be a huge step forward because in the previous generation, the lack of thumbsticks really inhibited what we could do in terms of developing games for PSVR,” Jefferson continued.

“We’re making some inroads now; Quest and Quest 2 has given greater freedom of movement, but the economics of innovation there are interesting in that being untethered means, graphically, we’re sort of at that PS2 stage of visual fidelity. And with PSVR we’re hoping it’s going to push us up into PS3/PS4 fidelity.”

The developer also pointed out that Survios is “eager” to find out if PSVR 2 will have wireless streaming for enhanced freedom of movement.

Crucially, though, Jefferson didn’t imply Survios itself has any inside knowledge about PSVR 2, and we’re still wondering what Sony’s plans are for the headset. PS5 requires an adaptor to support the original PSVR and can’t use the new HD camera. Plus, in October of last year, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said that “the future of VR” wouldn’t arrive in 2021, so it seems unlikely we’ll see the headset this year.

With any luck we might at least start to hear more concrete rumors about PSVR 2 sometime in 2021, though. For now you can keep up with everything we know about the kit right here. What are you hoping for out of the device? Let us know in the comments below!

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