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Stride Leaves Early Access On June 9 With Multiplayer Modes & More

Stride Leaves Early Access On June 9 With Multiplayer Modes & More

Stride will leave Early Access on Steam on June 9 with the game’s full release update, adding multiplayer modes and more single player content.

It was just last week that we learned that Stride’s multiplayer update would arrive on Quest and SteamVR this month, but now we have a release date and many new details.

Joy Way also confirmed that multiplayer is only coming to the Steam and Meta Quest stores, with cross-platform play — Viveport and PSVR multiplayer support is currently not planned.

Stride’s Multiplayer will launch with 2 game modes, 4 maps, a player hub, matchmaking and social features (voice chat, player customization, etc.). The first game mode is ‘Horde’, which is a variation of tag:

In this mode, players take on the role of zombies or non-infected survivors. Survivors must avoid being touched by infected zombie players, while zombies must infect as many survivors as possible within the allotted time.

The second multiplayer mode ‘King of the Hill’, featured in the video embedded above, will see players “grab a crown and wear it longer than other players to win.”

Joy Way says it is working on further updates to multiplayer, featuring new modes, maps, private lobbies and more.

stride multiplayer

In terms of single player content, the full release patch will include a “major content update”, with more details to come closer to release. However, Joy Way teased that “hardcore and casual players, as well as fans of VR fitness, will definitely like it.”

Stride will continue to be updated post-full release, including work on single player story content, however, Joy Way says its “main focus for the near future will be on the multiplayer.”

Stride’s full release update launches June 9 for SteamVR and Meta Quest platforms.

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