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Stones Of Harlath Is A Mystical And Open-World Upcoming VR RPG

Stones Of Harlath Is A Mystical And Open-World Upcoming VR RPG

Garage Collective, the studio behind Theta Legion, unveiled its next VR game — a mystical, open-world RPG called Stones of Harlath.

Set on the island of Harlath, this new RPG from Garage Collective will see you play as a powerful mage and will feature a mixture of melee and magic combat. Spells can be cast by drawing out runes with your controller and there are 6 different schools of magic, with 2 spells each.

You’ll also hold a grimoire — or, for the fantasy uninitiated, a magical book — in your left hand. The book has several different pages and acts as an immersive menu for the game and the magic system. You’ll find the game menu, a mini map, your available spells, active spells and quest log each on different pages of the grimoire. You can check it out in action in the announcement teaser below.

Here’s a description of the game straight from Garage Collective:

Shipwrecked on the small island of Harlath, players will adventure through an open-world environment and multiple dungeons, battling foes, solving puzzles, and ultimately discovering the nature of the curse that looms over the island. 

Similar to the studio’s previous titles, the game features pixel art textures and captures a classic, retro style in a new medium. Similar to Theta Legion, Stones of Harlath also features a mixture of 3D environments and 2D sprites, which makes for an interesting aesthetic. The studio cites classic titles like Ultima Underworld, Dungeon Master and Heretic as its inspiration for the game.

What do you think of Stones of Harlath? Let us know in the comments below.

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