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Spooky VR Horror Syren Finally Hits PSVR Next Month

Spooky VR Horror Syren Finally Hits PSVR Next Month

Hammerhead VR’s likable VR horror game, Syren, is finally making its way to console next month.

The game, which originally debuted on PC VR in early 2017, is coming to Sony’s PSVR on November 6th. It’ll include the entire original game, in which you make your way through an underwater facility avoiding horrific monsters, and the second episode which turns the game into more of a shooter than a scare-fest. You can see the PSVR reveal trailer below.

We were quite fond of Syren when it launched last year. Whilst admittedly rough around the edges, it had a tense atmosphere and had a decent stab at bringing tried and true mechanics into VR.

It’s not the only PC VR horror game set to make its way to PSVR soon – earlier this month we reported that the excellent A Chair in a Room: Greenwater was getting revamped for the headset too.

Last we heard, Hammerhead is now working on a VR crime thriller named Stein, though it’s been some time since we’ve heard from the studio.

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