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VR MOBA 'Mecha Party' Is Now Available On Steam & PSVR 2

VR MOBA 'Mecha Party' Is Now Available On Steam & PSVR 2

VR MOBA 'Mecha Party' is now available in Europe and Asia on PSVR 2 and Steam.

Developed by Chenni Network and published by Kingnet Technology, Mecha Party previously launched in North America back in March. Set in a world where robotics and AI have become ever-present in daily life, you'll compete to become the league's strongest mecha pilot in a robot battle league - The Mecha Party, in PvP combat across online battles.

Letting you fight solo or in a 3v3 team, Mecha Party includes a wide roster of playable mechs. As part of this wider regional launch, two new mechs have been introduced - Dino is described as a small dinosaur with a "crazy appetite" for close-range combat, while Tuan is a prop-throwing panda designed for group brawls. New skins and balancing changes have also been implemented.

Mecha Party is available now on Steam and PSVR 2. A Quest 3 version is also in development and that currently targets a summer 2024 release window.

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