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CleanSheet Soccer Trains Goalkeepers In VR On PSVR 2

CleanSheet Soccer

VR goalkeeper training game 'CleanSheet Soccer' is now available on PSVR 2.

Developed by INCISIV Ltd, CleanSheet Soccer was initially created to assist soccer clubs with goalkeeping coaching through VR. Designed as a workout training app for enhancing your reflexes and sharpening reactions, the studio used motion capture for real-life strikers to put them into VR. Previously launched on Quest in 2022, the PSVR 2 port offers 120 FPS performance and includes a free exclusive "PlayStation Glove skin."

INCISIV doesn't consider CleanSheet Soccer to be a "traditional game" since there are no levels or a campaign to complete, but this does include several other modes. 'Set Play' involves anticipating corners, penalties, free kicks, headers and more while providing peformance feedback, while 'Quickfire' is an endless wave mode that gets increasingly difficult with faster shots and trickier trajectories. Online leaderboards are also included and achievements appear as locker room trophies.

CleanSheet Soccer is available now on PSVR 2 and the Meta Quest platform for $19.99.

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