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Slap Fighter VR Promises Story-Driven Urban Combat Next Year On Quest & Steam

Slap Fighter VR key art

Inspired by '90s action movies, Slap Fighter VR mixes elemental combat with dark humor next year on Quest and Steam.

Developed by Curious Games, Slap Fighter VR sees you play as John “The Invincible” Krasinsky, who's tasked with beating the Slap Syndicate that rules a dystopian city. Guided by a new master, John must learn how to use elemental slaps focused on fire, water, earth, lightning, and wind. You can execute "slow-motion" quick-time event combos and gradually unlock more advanced powers.

Slap Fighter VR features a single-player campaign that Curious Games states should take "about 4-6 hours" to complete, and there's also three multiplayer modes. Alongside random matchmaking and casual online matches with friends, you can also participate in structured tournaments.

“Slap fighting is a sport that’s full of intensity and humor, which translates perfectly into a VR experience," states Jakub Burdajewicz, Founder and CEO of Curious Games in a prepared statement.

Slap Fighter VR reaches Quest and SteamVR in Q1 2025. A subsequent release for PSVR 2 and other PC VR platforms is also planned, though the release window remains unconfirmed.

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