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Skybinder Brings More Minimalist, Meditative Puzzles To Quest

Skybinder Brings More Minimalist, Meditative Puzzles To Quest

Skybinder is a new minimalist, meditative VR puzzle game, available now on Oculus Quest.

The release is just on App Lab for the moment, available for $14.99.

The puzzles features constellations of dots, each of which has a number within it. You can connect dots to each other to form lines and then, as you connect multiple lines together, shapes. The number within each connection point goes down with each line you draw to or from it — a connection point with the number 3 in it, for example, will need 3 lines attached to it that connect to other dots in the constellation.

skybinder vr game

These serve as guides to help you, literally, connect the dots and make something bigger — lines create shapes, and shapes create an object. Once every dot has reached its required amount of connections and everything is properly linked to each other, you’re rewarded with a compete 3D model. Visually, the finished puzzles look like an endearing cross between an origami model and a wooden construction kit for children. In the game’s trailer, you can spot a chicken, a spider and other objects and animals among the competed puzzles.

There’s 20 puzzles, set to original music, included in the game, allowing you to “dive into a meditative environment designed to stimulate and soothe.”

skybinder vr game

Skybinder follows in the footsteps of similar puzzle games on Quest, such as Cubism and Puzzling Places. These games aim to provide a balance between genuine, puzzling challenges and a soothing focused yet meditative experience.

Skybinder is available now for $14.99 on Oculus Quest via App Lab. While it’s only available on Oculus Quest for now, a Steam listing indicates it’s coming to PC VR sometime late this year.

For more information on how to find and install App Lab games on Oculus Quest, check out our handy guide.

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