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SimplePlanes VR Coming To Oculus Quest And PC VR Next Month

SimplePlanes VR Coming To Oculus Quest And PC VR Next Month

Jundroo’s SimplePlanes series is coming to Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets next month, with a few changeups to the formula.

First announced back in August, SimplePlanes VR is set to release on December 17 on SteamVR for $9.99. Given that date is a Friday and not the usual Thursday Oculus Store drop, we’d also assume this is an App Lab release on Quest. Check out the trailer below.

SimplePlanes VR Trailer

First released in 2015 — and still updated to this day — SimplePlanes is a flight simulator with a strong community behind it, largely thanks to its building mode which lets you create your own flying machines by snapping pieces of other aircraft together. You can then pilot your creation over different maps and even share it online for others to download for free.

SimplePlanes VR doesn’t have that building option included. You can, however, download creations from the original game and use them in-VR, even if they’re not fully tested for use with headsets.

The game isn’t restricted to aircraft alone – you can also use cars and boats, take off from a carrier deck and even set up combat scenarios with enemies to take down.

Granted the game isn’t the most visually striking experience out there, but the focus on customization and immersive player controls could make this one to watch for VR flight fans that need a break from Microsoft Flight Simulator and are still waiting for Ultrawings 2. Will you be picking up SimplePlanes VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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