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Novel Hand Tracking Game Silhouette Launches On Quest 2

Novel Hand Tracking Game Silhouette Launches On Quest 2

By using your hands for shadow puppetry, Silhouette is one of the more unique VR puzzle games in recent times, and that’s available now on Quest 2.

Developed by Team Panoptes, best known for PC VR game Panoptic, Silhouette presents a a casual adventure game exclusively controlled by hand-tracking. You aim to guide shadow creatures to safety, manipulating light, walls and environments with your hands. It contains 28 different puzzles split between four separate environments, and Team Panoptes previously told UploadVR it takes 3-4 hours to complete. You can watch the release trailer below:

We had favorable impressions in our Silhouette preview last year, praising the uniqueness of its hand tracking mechanics.

It’s a basic puzzle concept – variations of which we’ve seen before in other non-VR games – but it’s the combination with hand tracking that offers something new and immersive. Casting shadows lets you discover creative solutions to the puzzles, such as using your shadow to create bridges or block streams of water… It’s an approach that avoids the frequent disconnect found in many hand tracking experiences, where a virtual interaction with a virtual object draws attention to the absence of any physical object in your real hands.

Silhouette is available now on the Meta Quest platform for $9.99.

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