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Shadow Legend VR RPG Releases On Rift And Vive Feb. 21

Shadow Legend VR RPG Releases On Rift And Vive Feb. 21

Shadow Legend has quickly become one of the most anticipated upcoming VR RPGs of the year, despite the small team and limited budget. When the game was first announced, then expanded on in a subsequent trailer, it clearly looks to scratch a very specific itch a lot of people seem to have for fantasy-themed adventure in VR headsets.

Now today we can confirm that Shadow Legend is due out on Rift and Vive next week on February 21st. A PSVR version of the game is still planned for later in the year. Vitruvius, developer of Shadow Legend, announced the date by way of two very distinct trailers.

The first trailer features a dark, shadow world full of enemies and danger:

The second trailer takes a much more lighthearted tone with fishing, farming, and playing with a dog as its key highlights:

Shadow Legend is being billed as a relatively linear RPG adventure that should last about 5-6 hours in total. It’s hard to tell what the gameplay will really feel like in the trailers, but we have our fingers-crossed it’s a good experience with a lot of variety. And for fans of RPGs looking for something great to play right now you can check out The Mage’s Tale (PC review, PSVR review) from inXile Entertainment.

We’ve got our review code in hand and will have a review as soon as we’re able next week to let you know if Shadow Legend lives up to its potential. Let us know what you think of the game thus far down in the comments below!

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