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Sairento Untethered Is A New Oculus Quest Game Based On The PC VR Hit

Sairento Untethered Is A New Oculus Quest Game Based On The PC VR Hit

Sairento Untethered is a new Oculus Quest game launching today.

Unlike every other Quest port so far, Sairento Untethered is not the same game as its PC VR counterpart. Instead the game is built specifically for Quest, with the same gameplay mechanics but different levels and fewer features.

Like the PC VR version, Sairento Untethered lets you become a cyberpunk ninja, wielding a katana, guns, throwing knives, and much more. The exhilarating fast-paced pace gameplay and in-depth loadout system make for hours of fun. The PC VR version currently sits at 90% positive reviews on Steam.

The PC VR version has 13 levels. Untethered has 5 totally new levels, built around the limited processing power of the standalone headset, but also designed to ideally take advantage of the 360 wireless format. The developers claim it still has “the awesome gameplay Sairento is known for” however.

Whereas the PC VR Sairento has online multiplayer and co-op modes, Sairento Untethered on Quest is a single player only experience. The developers claim they were unable to make multiplayer perform well with many enemies on screen.

Games such as Robo Recall divide VR gamers as to whether they prefer the graphics of PC or the wireless freedom of standalone. With Sairento this equation changes, as the wireless freedom comes at the cost of amount of content. Other indie developers may take this same path to porting in the future, as it is likely easier from a development perspective than porting the full PC version content.

Sairento Untethered is priced at $14.99. As it is a separate game, it does not support cross-buy with Rift.

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