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rumii Is A New Social VR App Aimed At Enterprise and Education

rumii Is A New Social VR App Aimed At Enterprise and Education

Doghead Simulations’ rumii wants to be the VR application you boot up when you put on your headset to go to work in the morning.

With over 500 companies signed up in Early Access after launching last year, rumii is a social VR app with a difference. Instead of meeting up with friends to share videos, hang out and play games, the app is designed as a professional tool for work meetings and education spaces. Aiming to replace video conferencing, users adopt virtual avatars and then communicate over voice chat while sharing materials over a range of features like desktop sharing, 3D model loading and web browsing.

The platform supports up to 20 users at one time across the HTC Vive headset as well as traditional platforms for those that can be there in VR.

“rumii is the office building or classroom where many social VR apps tend to be more of the place you go for happy hour with friends,” Doghead CMO Amber Osborne told UploadVR. “We give top priority to providing a high quality VR experience in our features, from the sound of the audio, the expressiveness of our avatars to the customizable work and classroom environments.”

As such, rumii is available as either a monthly subscription service or users can purchase their own local servers with a license. A free option supports up to three users with 1GB of storage while the $9.99 a month option allows for an unlimited team size and 10GB of storage.

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