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VR Fantasy Adventure Rock And Roots Reaches Steam Today

Rock and Roots VR

Rock and Roots, a new VR fantasy adventure, reaches Steam today.

Created by XOCUS (Z-RacePresentiment of Death), Rock and Roots describes itself as a story-driven adventure. Following his lordly father's sudden murder, you play as a young heir that finds himself framed for this crime by a jealous younger brother. Escaping to the enchanted woods following this betrayal, we're soon granted the ability to summon creatures called Springs.

What follows is an adventure to reclaim your home, and Rock and Roots promises strategic battles against knights who've lost their honor. As the eldest heir, you can deploy Springs into battle by picking cards on your left hand, wielding weapons like spears, twin daggers, axes, and more. Defeating these knights earns you soul fragments, which can be used to unlock new abilities for each Spring.

Rock and Roots is out now on ​Steam for $14.99. While the official website states the same release date on Quest, XOCUS says its coming on "March 14 or earlier."

Notice: This article was updated on February 28, 2024, to reflect the revised Quest release date.

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