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Restaurant VR Sim I’m Hungry Will Turn You Into a Fast Food Master On PSVR

Restaurant VR Sim I’m Hungry Will Turn You Into a Fast Food Master On PSVR

You can get a close approximation of what it might be like to work at Burger King in this newly released fast food restaurant VR sim I’m Hungry on PSVR.

The world of fast food is as unpredictable as it is fattening, and if you’ve never had to work in a greasy Burger King, you can get a close approximation in newly announced (and released!) game I’m Hungry on PlayStation VR. Though the burgers you serve look appetizing, just be careful that you don’t accidentally eat your Move controller.

Available now on PlayStation VR, I’m Hungry tasks you with making classic fast food items such as burger and milkshakes for your customers, and you’ll need to do so efficiently and correctly in order to succeed. Customers can make choices at random, so you’ll have to be on your toes, and some orders could be extra-complicated. Really, though, how hard is it to leave onions and mayonnaise off a cheeseburger?

You have a few different play options in I’m Hungry – Infinity Mode and Career Mode. Infinity Mode is meant for endurance runs, with Career Mode giving you coins and equipment you can upgrade for a state-of-the-art fast food assembly line. As you progress, you’ll also get a change of scenery to something a little more unusual. We hope you don’t have anything against clowns, because they have to eat, too.

It may seem somewhat odd, seeing as you’re serving up fattening food, but I’m Hungry will track the calories you’ve burnt while playing. There is also a global leaderboard that you can climb up by being the ultimate fast food employee. With the training you get, you just might be ready to work a real flattop grill like a pro.

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