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Resolution Games Announces Spatial Ops, A Mixed Reality Multiplayer FPS

Resolution Games Announces Spatial Ops, A Mixed Reality Multiplayer FPS

Resolution Games announced a new game today titled Spatial Ops, which will use mixed reality to create a unique multiplayer FPS that can be played with others in the same physical location.

This latest title from Resolution follows on from the studio’s other hits, such as Demeo, Ultimechs and Blaston, to name a few. While still an “early concept,” Resolution describes Spatial Ops as “a co-location game with color passthrough where you can play a FPS in real-life in your own space.” Co-location allows users to play together in the same physical space using multiple headsets, with each headset aware of the others’ location at all times.

The trailer features mixed reality footage running on both Quest 2 and Quest Pro, although users are only shown wearing the former headset in the trailer. The grayscale footage shown is likely captured from Quest 2, while color is likely captured on Quest Pro.

Meta revealed Quest Pro earlier today, the first in a “high end” product line targeting professionals and early adopters, shipping October 25. It features upgraded passthrough cameras that can display images in higher resolution and full color, making it a perfect fit for mixed reality experiences such as Spatial Ops.

While Spatial Ops has no set release window as of yet, some other mixed reality experiences will be available at launch for Quest Pro. Resolution Games’ other title, Demeo, will receive a free update on October 25 that adds support for mixed reality passthrough on both Quest Pro and Quest 2. Likewise, Schell Games will launch a free mixed reality “mini-mission” titled I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home later this month.

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