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ResearchVR Episode 38 - FOVE and Eye-Tracking in VR

ResearchVR Episode 38 - FOVE and Eye-Tracking in VR

This week on ResearchVR you have a chance to catch up with our latest episode, where Az analyzed FOVE in detail with Jim Preston, Director of Strategy and Business Development.

The last few weeks were tough – between our day jobs and preparation of VR@Cebit, we did not have much time for the work needed to deliver you the best quality audio and information for our episodes. But now we are on track, and we have an extensive list of stimulating discussions and deep dives with VR and AR experts.

Jim Preston, the Director of Strategy and Business Development at FOVE, worked for years at EA as a producer, climbing his ranks to the top of the ladder. Now he leads the effort to partner with teams and companies from North America and Europe to create the best quality content for the FOVE.

Episode Preview

The ecosystem of modern virtual reality is developing faster than any other technology before. We are quickly reaching the point when just looking or pointing won’t be enough. We need to continuously provide improvements to the input system so that more can be possible. After all, software cannot do more than the hardware enables.


That is why the combination between eye-tracking and HMDs is one of the most interesting technologies currently available. With FOVE, instead of targeting the best possible hardware level, FOVE took up on the challenge to provide eye-tracking to the wide range of consumers. This is tricky when all the other elements of the HMD stack up the costs.

Learn (listen to or watch) all about the trade-offs and solutions that FOVE implemented in Episode 38 – FOVE and eye-tracking in VR with Jim Preston.

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