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Rec Room Studio Lets Creators Build Higher Fidelity Worlds Via Unity

Rec Room Studio Lets Creators Build Higher Fidelity Worlds Via Unity

Rec Room Studio is an upcoming PC-based creation tool powered by Unity which lets creators build higher fidelity worlds.

The upcoming software enables creators to “quickly drop in assets and objects to existing rooms and create and share custom textures, animations, audio and more.” Revealed as part of the Rec Con 2022 event, Rec Room says the software also enables collaborative creation with other players using the Maker Pen.

rec room studio unity

Rec Room Studio “will bring top quality graphics and animations to fingertips of the creator community,” according to the startup. The new software is “coming soon” with Rec Room taking sign ups for a private beta. A company representative said Rec Room’s recent original game mode Showdown is the current public example of something built in the tool.

The announcement comes roughly two weeks ahead of Connect, an event which Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said would include major updates to its competing Horizon Worlds creation platform. Rec Room is already available across a wide set of devices (including phones, game consoles and VR) with the startup saying it reached 82 million lifetime users and paid $1 million to creators by the first quarter of this year. Rec Room is also available now as a standalone PC client.

The competition between platforms like VRChat, Rec Room. Roblox, and Horizon Worlds seems to be heating up as investors double down and engineers at each work to close the gap between easier-to-use tools and professional game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity. We’ll be watching this space closely in the coming months, so check back with UploadVR as we dig into the latest developments.

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