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Real VR Fishing: Year 2 Update Available Now

Real VR Fishing: Year 2 Update Available Now

One of the biggest updates yet for Real VR Fishing is here — the Year 2 update is available now.

After some delays, the update is now rolling out and reworks many of the game’s primary fishing mechanics to add more depth and options, alongside other new features.

Speaking to the Oculus blog, COO of Miragesoft Mark Choi said that Creative Director Jake Kim, who joined the Real VR Fishing team earlier this year, was able to use his real world fishing knowledge to help the team develop more immersive and realistic fishing mechanics.

For example, there’s now separate lure and float fishing systems. “The current fishing method looks like lure fishing but acts like float fishing in the game, in a way that it doesn’t require any movement of the bait to attract fish,” said Choi. “So we decided to rename the current fishing mechanic to float fishing with a floating bobber. And we added a new lure fishing mode, which more closely resembles traditional real life lure fishing.”

One of the other biggest changes is the addition of a water depth system, which means that different species will have preferred depths that roughly align with the real-world. Some fish will only be found deeper down, while others are closer to the surface — this should be accurate per location, so you can really feel immersed, as if you’re fishing at the actual location.

“We distributed fish in three levels of depths based on real data, so that players can target specific fish that live in specific depths of water,” said Choi. “Players can set their target depth before casting with float fishing, or they can dynamically move around depths with lure fishing.”

To counter the increase in difficult associated with the new depth mechanic, the amount of fish has been increased, as well as other small changes across difficulties to give you more options and visual hints.

The in-game store has also been overhauled — reels and rods now have durability, while baits are now expendable. The in-game popup store will let you buy more tackle while you’re fishing.

The developers also confirmed that the paid US West DLC pack, adding 20 new locations and 70 species of fish, will release next month in December. Next year, there are plans for Japan and US East DLC packs as well.

The Year 2 update for Real VR Fishing is available now. 

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