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Real VR Fishing Update Will Rework Mechanics, US West DLC Coming Soon

Real VR Fishing Update Will Rework Mechanics, US West DLC Coming Soon

Real VR Fishing gave a sneak peek at what’s to come in future updates, including reworking of some core mechanics and a glimpse of a new DLC pack.

The next update will rework the fishing mechanics using 3 new features that will make fishing more realistic, including “depth of water, float fishing, and more realistic lure fishing with twitching movements.”

There’s also plans for DLC release as well – the US West DLC. Originally the plan was to release one big US DLC pack with new environments set across the United States, but instead, the DLC has been split up with the US West component launching first. It won’t be lacking content though – the US West pack will feature 20 new environments and new species of fish to go with them.

You can view a sneak peek of some of those new US environments in the tweet above. The free update and the US West DLC are both planned for release sometime before the end of the year.

Developed by MirageSoft, Real VR Fishing is a fishing simulator that features some stunning environments and fantastic water effects. It launched on the Quest in September 2019, shortly after the headset’s launch, and from there, it has consistently received new content and updates to enhance the experience for players.

In August 2020, a major update brought multiplayer to Real VR Fishing with support for up to 4 players, avatar customization and multiplayer servers. The Spring Update earlier this month expanded avatars to include more clothing customization, new leaderboards and more.

Are you looking forward to the next update and US West DLC for Real VR Fishing? Let us know in the comments.

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