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Raw Data Is Finally On Its Way To Oculus Rift And Touch

Raw Data Is Finally On Its Way To Oculus Rift And Touch

Seven months after its initial Steam debut and Survios’ Raw Data remains one of our favorite co-op action games on the HTC Vive, even while its still in Early Access. And pretty soon, it will be on the Oculus Rift too with official Oculus Home and Touch integration.

Raw Data is one of the few high-profile Vive games that didn’t head straight over to Oculus Home when Touch launched back at the start of December 2016. With over $1 million in revenue so far, it’s been a breakout success and has helped solidify Survios as one of the premier VR development studios in the industry. Today, the company teased the future of their flagship game showing what we can only assume is a developer playing Raw Data on the Oculus Rift using Touch controllers:

In Raw Data, you take control of an agent with extraordinary abilities as you fight off impending hordes of robotic enemies. You can freely move around environments with a sprint-based teleportation mechanic, set up turrets, and employ a wide variety of abilities to wage war. Some heroes get electric blades to use like lightsabers, while others shoot guns and perform antics that feel inspired by The Matrix.

What really puts it over the top, though, is the cooperative multiplayer. Standing back-to-back with a friend, shouting out how to escape the massive hulking robots around you, is a rush unlike most things available in VR right now.

We’ve reached out to Survios for comment and elaboration on how this support will be integrated, if it will require a 360-setup, and any other changes that have been made to port it over to the Oculus platform. Have you tried playing Raw Data on Steam with your Oculus Rift and unofficial Touch support yet? Let us know what you think of the news in the comments below!

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