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Ragnarock Hellfest Raid DLC Pack Available Now

Ragnarock Hellfest Raid DLC Pack Available Now

A new trailer for Ragnarock’s Hellfest Raid debuted today at our Upload VR Showcase, confirming that the DLC pack is now available across all platforms.

Announced early last month, the Hellfest Raid is a new pack of DLC songs for VR rhythm game Ragnarock and a collaboration with one of the world’s biggest heavy metal festivals. The Hellfest Summer Open Air festival takes place annually in France, and now you’ll be able to bring a little piece of this year’s festival into VR.

Ragnarock Hellfest Raid DLC Pack Available Now

When the collaboration was announced, we knew that some of the artists from this year’s lineup would be featured in the DLC and speculated on who they might be. As confirmed in the trailer above, artists such as The Offspring, Dragonforce, Nightwish, Gojira and more will be included.

There’s also a sick new Hellfest environment to play in, which will you see you play your way to the main stage and crowd surf across hundreds of heavy metal fans. The DLC is available right now on both PC VR (Steam, Viveport) and Meta Quest.

It’s not the only heavy metal announcement from our Upload VR Showcase either — we also debuted a trailer for the next Unplugged DLC pack. It features the legendary metal band Pantera, and guess what? It’s also available right now. What a day for heavy metal and VR fans.

Will you be rocking out on the virtual Hellfest main stage in Ragnarock? Let us know in the comments below.

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