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Racket Club Hits The Tennis Courts Next Year On Quest 2

Racket Club Hits The Tennis Courts Next Year On Quest 2

Resolution Games hopes to serve up aces with Racket Club, a new racket-based VR game arriving next year on Meta Quest 2.

Revealed during the Resolution Games Showcase, Racket Club is a brand-new multiplayer game from the Swedish developer, announced in the presentation alongside updates on Bait!, Demeo, Blaston, Ultimechs, and Spatial Ops. You can watch the announcement trailer above. It’s fairly scarce on gameplay and details, but Resolution Games released this outline on what to expect:

A new game in the works from Resolution Games, Racket Club’s first-ever trailer reveals a title that will embrace the multiplayer ethos that the company was founded on. Racket Club reinvents the idea of pickup sports by connecting players from all over the world to have fun together in an all-new sport designed from the ground-up for VR play.

This isn’t the first time we’ve taken our VR headsets courtside – Racket Club joins a growing list of VR sports games on Quest 2. Between more traditional takes like Tennis League VR and First Person Tennis, Eleven Table Tennis, and original premises like Racket NX, tennis and other similar sports remain a popular option in virtual reality.

Racket Club arrives in 2023 on the Meta Quest platform.

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