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Quest v43 Officially Transitions From Facebook To Meta Accounts

Quest v43 Officially Transitions From Facebook To Meta Accounts

Quest 2 officially transitions from Facebook to Meta accounts with the arrival of its v43 system software, rolling out now.

The v43 release notes focus on the advent of the new Meta account structure and associated changes for Quest users.

“You’ll no longer be required to log into your Meta VR devices with a Facebook account,” according to the notes. Users that want to optionally add Facebook or Instagram will be able to do so in the Account Center for their new Meta account.

Oculus profiles will “evolve” into a new Meta Horizon profile, while ‘Friends’ will become ‘Followers’. Meta also says that it is “rolling out new controls to help you more easily manage your privacy settings,” but gave no specifics.

These changes are a long time coming, after Meta (then known as Facebook) launched the Quest 2 in 2020 with a universal requirement for Facebook login, only to walk back on the decision nearly a year ago at Connect 2021.

There’s also the addition of the ‘Meta Quest Guide’ in v43, which will let users watch device and feature tutorials, look at Quest software release notes and troubleshoot common problems.

Earlier this month, a PTC (public test channel) build of v43 included new video recording options. However, there’s no mention of these new options in the aforementioned build notes for the final release.

As with all Quest system updates, Meta says that v43 is “rolling out to users gradually over time.” Keep an eye out for more Quest updates to come.

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