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Quest 2 Gets Official Over-Ear Headphone Accessory From Logitech

Quest 2 Gets Official Over-Ear Headphone Accessory From Logitech

Facebook has revealed a set of Oculus Quest 2 Logitech headphones.

This Logitech G Pro VR, a new SKU of the existing G Pro Headset, comes with a short cable designed for VR, so you don’t have to deal with a long dangling wire.

It features 50mm audio drivers and a steel-reinforced headband. Logitech claims it delivers “rich and precise” sound, with accuracy across a wide frequency range with high-fidelity bass response.

The 2016 Oculus Rift was the first modern VR headset to ship with integrated headphones (on-ear in Rift’s case). Quest and Rift S, like Quest 2, deliver audio through vents in the side straps- but this can’t match the immersion of actual headphones.

Neither Quest nor Rift S saw an official headphones accessory. Tinkerers and enthusiasts used 3D printed parts to fit headphones to the Rift S’s halo strap, and Quest is fairly accommodating of headphones, but dealing with the long cable was a hassle. Some people modded their headset to utilize the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, for a creation known as the FrankenQuest. We were quite fond of that ourselves.

Valve introduced a new kind of VR audio in Index- near off-ear speakers- which is also being used in HP Reverb G2. We’ll be curious to see how this over-ear solution for Quest 2 compares.

Logitech G Pro VR is available in North America on the Oculus or Logitech website, and will be also sold by Amazon and Best Buy. It also includes a standard length cable so you can use it outside VR too.

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