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Population: One Team Deathmatch Available June 3, More Details Revealed

The release of Population: One’s Team Deathmatch mode is imminent — BigBox VR revealed the game mode will be available from June 3 until June 14, alongside some other juicy details.

According to a post from developers BigBox VR on Reddit, the mode will see 2 teams of 6 players shoot it out — the first team to 30 kills will be the winner. There’s a 5 second respawn countdown, and rounds have a 15-minute maximum time limit in the event neither team reaches 30 kills.

In terms of the map, BigBox says that Team Deathmatch games “are confined to a small portion of the larger POP: ONE map, in areas like The Frontier or The Tower.” You’ll be able to gain Season Points by playing in Team Deathmatch, plus there will also be weekly and daily challenges for the mode as well.

From June 3, the new mode will be available from the ‘Play’ tab in game — just select the option to change modes, and Team Deathmatch should be listed. It will be available from June 3 but won’t be around indefinitely — the mode won’t be available in public lobbies after 12pm on June 14.

However, if you want to keep the deathmatch action going, you’ll be able to do so in custom rooms — the option to play Team Deathmatch will be available in custom room settings from June 14 onward. The Reddit post also says you will be able to ‘play Solos or other team sizes in Custom Rooms’ for Team Deathmatch.

Team Deathmatch will be available in public lobbies for Population: One from June 3 – 14. You can read our review of the VR battle royale here, and check out our summary of all the changes that arrived in season 2.

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