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Play VR RTS Final Assault For Free All Weekend

Play VR RTS Final Assault For Free All Weekend

Don’t assault your wallet; play Final Assault for free all weekend instead!

Have you been itching to try out the VR strategy game Final Assault but can’t spare the extra cash? For the entire weekend that no longer matters as developer Phaser Lock Interactive is letting you play the game completely free.

All the way through July 21 the WWII-themed Final Assault is running a special free weekend on Steam. The game supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and Valve Index, and it features supports cross-platform play on all devices. Through July 26, you will also be able to buy the game for $19.49, which is a 35% discount compared to its normal $30 price.

Final Assault isn’t a stripped-down strategy game, but rather a full-fledged war experience built to run in VR. Rather than focus on building bases, you’re dropped directly into the battle and are given full control over your military, including choosing where vehicles go, where bombs are dropped, and where troops march. Your disembodied hands are visible on the screen, and you can draw direct pathways so your units know exactly where to travel to get an advantage over the enemy.

You can choose to complete the game’s story mode – a feasible task in a weekend — or check out the skirmish and player-versus-player options. If you do purchase the game, you will be able to play cross-platform matches against PlayStation VR opponents at a later date, as well, and you can customize your avatar and flag to stand out from the competition.

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