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Official Pistol Whip Modding Tool Arrives In 2023

Official Pistol Whip Modding Tool Arrives In 2023

Cloudhead Games revealed its 2023 roadmap for Pistol Whip.

The updates include the game’s launch on Pico 4 on December 15th as well as PlayStation VR 2 in February. While new platforms are to be expected, Cloudhead also confirmed an official and much anticipated modding tool for creating custom scenes for the game. The tool is called Pistol Mix and it’s planned for release in 2023. Pistol Mix will allow players “to create and share your own scenes with the VR community”, according to Cloudhead.

Cloudhead also promised Overdrive, a new collection of five scenes coming throughout spring 2023. We’ll be looking for more details on how the level editing tool works, with clips shown in their video warning “visuals not final” on an alpha build of its modding tools.

The hit shooter has seen numerous updates since initial release in 2019, with new modifiers and scenes adding significant depth to the experience beyond its “bullseye” at launch. With new platforms on the way and Cloudhead working on games “with deeper scope and vision“, we’re curious to see what one of VR’s most experienced development studios has planned next.

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