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Pico 4 Pro Isn't Launching Outside China

Pico 4 Enterprise was announced today for €900, but it’s only sold to businesses.

The Pico 4 Pro it’s based on is sold to consumers in China. But Pico said it has no plans to bring it to consumers in the West.

There is actually a minor hardware difference between Pro and Enterprise: Pro has 512GB storage while Enterprise has 256GB.

This news will come as a disappointment to those hoping for a consumer standalone headset with face & eye tracking cheaper than the $1500 Quest Pro, sold for €1800 in Europe. It’s unclear exactly why Pico isn’t planning on selling to individuals. The company didn’t give a reason beyond wanting to have a clear separation between consumer & business offerings.

Even if you somehow got your hands on a Pico 4 Enterprise, Pico said it doesn’t access the consumer app store.

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