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Phasmophobia Shares Footage Of VR Overhaul Update

Phasmophobia Shares Footage Of VR Overhaul Update

Developers Kinetic Games shared a brand new look at the overhauled VR features and rework coming soon to cooperative ghost-hunting game Phasmophobia.

The new gameplay was shown in a tweet, embedded below, and goes through several new changes to the VR mechanics and features. While Phasmophobia has optionally supported VR headsets for a while now, this update will represent the biggest and most focused effort to revamp the VR experience of the game in a long time.

Some of the improvements highlighted in the video include improved hand posing, better item placement on your hip, and new hover icons and poses when selecting and picking up items. There’s also a grab selection UI now, that should make it easier to know what item you’re targeting when there’s more than one near each other. There’s also more interaction poses for hands as well, such as the one shown when flicking a light switch.

A seated mode has been added for those who don’t want to play standing or in roomscale. Likewise, there’s a simulated crouch for those who don’t want to physically duck down while playing.

In a thread replying to the original video, one of the lead artists replied from a personal account to someone complaining about how there was still only floating hands instead of a full body models. The lead artist, @_cjdxn, said they “will be attempting a full IK rig for 1st person view when we update the player models” but that involves a “tonne of work” which they won’t be starting yet.

The VR overhaul is marked as in testing on the developers’ Trello production board, so it’s safe to say we can expect the update to launch soon.

What do you think of the VR revamp for Phasmophobia? Let us know in the comments below.

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