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Pavlov Receives Zombies, New Maps And Offline Mode In New Update

Pavlov Receives Zombies, New Maps And Offline Mode In New Update

The popular Counter Strike-like multiplayer shooter Pavlov VR received a bunch of new content in a recent update.

The update was announced via a post on the game’s Steam page. The update includes new modes and maps, including a new zombies mode. “Finally after couple of years [sic] of missed deadlines, we were able to bring zombies to Pavlov,” reads the post. “You can play offline or coop online. We’ll keep updating this mode on a regular basis.”

The update also includes “Killhouse”, a new map/mode that allows you to warm up offline, alongside the “Hunt” offline mode as well.

There are also two new maps, Container Yard and Siberia (jail). The update also says that the developers will “bring new maps on a regular basis from now on and until release date in Feb 27 2021.” As far as we can tell, this appears to be the first mention of a full release date for the game, which is currently still in early access. That being said, 2021 seems like a long way off. It wouldn’t surprise us if the date is a typo and is meant to read as Feb 27, 2020 — we’ve reached out for clarification.

In the meantime, the developer is planning a ‘lite’ version of the game for Oculus Quest on December 19. The Quest version will be free-to-play – a stark difference to the PC VR version, which saw a price increase from $9.99 to $24.99 with this update. This brings the price in line with a similar VR FPS, Onward, which also just received custom map support and a revamped AI in a recent update.

Have you tried to new zombies mode in Pavlov? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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