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Pavlov Shack Beta Is Out Now For Free On Oculus App Lab For Quest

Pavlov Shack Beta Is Out Now For Free On Oculus App Lab For Quest

Pavlov Shack Beta, the free standalone Quest version of the popular PC VR shooter, is out now on App Lab! The download clocks in at just under 4GB (3.95GB) with zero sideloading required.

Pavlov Shack Beta—Oculus App Lab for Quest

Today is an exciting day for Quest owners because now, finally, one of the most popular PC VR games out there has its port available on Oculus Quest without the need for sideloading from a PC. Pavlov plays a lot like Counter-Strike, meaning that it’s a very fast-paced shooter that requires quick reflexes, careful aiming, and real skill to have much success. According to the Store page, it includes 4v4 competitive and social game modes.

The official Store release is still in the works, but this at least means you can download the game, get updates, and play offline or online easily without needing to plug into a computer at all. It’s much, much simpler.

Earlier this week developer davevillz revealed that the official Quest store version would cost $24 when it launches later this year and will eventually have cross-play support with the forthcoming PS5 PSVR 2 version of the game. PC VR will remain, for now, entirely separate.

Previously, Pavlov Shack Beta was available on SideQuest for free to sideload to your headset. It was by far one of the most popular apps on the entire website with nearly half a million downloads as of the time of this writing. Considering the sideloading requirements and hoops to jump through, that’s  a lot of downloads.

If you decide to give Pavlov Shack Beta a try on Quest now that it’s on App Lab, let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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