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Pavlov 'More Efficient' On PSVR 2 Than PC VR

Pavlov 'More Efficient' On PSVR 2 Than PC VR

Pavlov runs more efficiently on PSVR 2 compared to PC VR with more room for rendering, according to recent comments from developer David Villarreal.

Villarreal revealed these details in a series of comments on the Pavlov Discord server, stating that there’s “more room for rendering” and it’s “probably 10% above PC VR just because it’s a console and rendering it’s [sic] more efficient.” Villarreal then went on to note that the comparison was referencing PC VR performance using a 3090ti.

There’s no doubt that the PS5 is a powerful console, but there’s also innate optimizations to be found in developing for one standard hardware combination across an entire platform. On PC VR, there’s an endless combination of different setups, so games like Pavlov can’t optimize for one standard hardware configuration in the same way that they can on consoles.

Villarreal also discussed how Pavlov takes advantage of new features on PSVR 2, describing the Sense controllers as the “pinacle [sic] of VR” for shooters. According to Villarreal, Pavlov on PSVR 2 will feature adaptive trigger support, allowing each weapon to have different levels of resistance and recoil.

The Sense controllers’ adaptive triggers use the same technology as found in the standard PS5 DualSense controller. Anyone who has played a shooter on PS5 knows what a difference the adaptive triggers can make, so we can’t wait to try them out in the Sense controllers on PSVR 2.

Pavlov is one of many confirmed launch day titles for PSVR 2. It’s available from February 22 and will feature cross-play support with the PC VR version.

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