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Parkour VR Game Stride Getting Big PC VR Update, PSVR Version Delayed

Parkour VR Game Stride Getting Big PC VR Update, PSVR Version Delayed

Parkour VR game STRIDE is getting a big new PC VR update soon and is running Closed Beta tests right now. Plus, the PSVR version is delayed to late 2021.

STRIDE – VR Parkour

There are no details on what the big new update is exactly, but it’s being described as a “major content update” for STRIDE. You won’t need to own the game already either — you’ll be provided access.

STRIDE is a VR parkour free-running game, similar in style to Mirror’s Edge, except it’s got an “endless runner” format along with a gun that lets you fight back against assailants. In the short clip posted to Reddit, it looks like the content update is probably adding a more exploratory game mode that lets you explore the city in more directions rather than going in a straight line. Perhaps this is the long-alluded to Story mode.

If you’re interested in helping test the new features for STRIDE, you can visit the Closed Beta sign up page right here. You’ll have to be willing to sign an NDA, available to playtest today at a scheduled time, have access to a VR-ready PC with a Rift, Quest + Link, or Quest + Virtual Desktop, and you must live in the EU, UK, western CIS countries, Turkey, or North Africa. Feel free to invite friends to apply as well.

Additionally, Joy Way announced that the PSVR version of the game is delayed until late 2021 and that the Quest version is still in development with no other updates.

Have you tried STRIDE? Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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