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Painting VR Adds In-Game Tutorials & Expo Mode

Painting VR Adds In-Game Tutorials & Expo Mode

Painting VR added new in-game tutorials and an expo mode this week in its latest update.

After launch last month, this minor update adds some new features that help you display your artwork and get new users comfortable with all the mechanics.

The new in-game tutorials run through the basics, allowing you to properly understand the fundamentals like brush settings, mixing colors, using reference images and more.

As you can see in the video above, expo mode is the other big addition, which lets you go through your portfolio and select artworks to hang on the walls around you. You can position your art however you want, and even scale them to be bigger or smaller. Once you’re happy, lock it in place and admire the work hanging in your own personal gallery.

Painting VR first launched over a year ago, as an early access title for Quest on App Lab. Since then, the game has been able to move to a full launch on the Quest Store and on Steam for PC VR and ran a successful Kickstarter to add more features.

There’s more on the horizon too. Multiplayer support should still be on the way to paint in VR with friends, but hopefully you’ll also be able to give them a tour of your exhibit space and the artwork hanging in your virtual warehouse as well.

Painting VR is available now for $19.99 on Quest and Quest 2 via the Oculus Store and on PC VR via Steam.

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