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Ozwe and Oculus Studios Release Anshar Wars 2 for Gear VR

Ozwe and Oculus Studios Release Anshar Wars 2 for Gear VR

One of the most impressive games we’ve seen in Gear VR in terms of both gameplay and graphics is now available. We went hands-on with Anshar Wars 2 a couple weeks ago and now that the space-fighter is available for $15 we highly recommend you consider buying it.

You control a ship in the game with head movements in a third-person view across across a variety of landscapes from asteroid fields to a planetside base. Anshar Wars 2 should be played while standing or in a swivel chair and it doesn’t require a controller. It’s a sequel to Anshar Wars, which was a glorified tech demo, and while the first game offered multiplayer this one does not. According to OZWE Games, the Switzerland-based developer that created the game under direction from Oculus Studios, they are exploring adding multiplayer to the sequel but cannot commit to anything more than that.

There isn’t much more to say about it right now (read the hands-on linked above) except the $15 price tag makes it one of the most expensive games on Gear VR. For good reason, it’s also one of the most fully developed titles we’ve seen on the headset with voice acting, varied missions and weapons and a way of using the Gear VR for innovative gameplay that pushes the system to its limit.

Between the $100 Gear VR headset and a $15 game produced by Oculus, we’re starting to get a picture of both what the highest quality content on Gear VR costs to buy and feels like to play.

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