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Onward Dropping Quest 1 Support After July 31

Onward Dropping Quest 1 Support After July 31

Downpour Interactive announced that Onward will drop support for the original Quest Quest after July 31, 2023.

Onward released July 2020 for the original Quest headset. Meta acquired Downpour Interactive, the studio behind the title, almost a year later. In May 2021, a Facebook comment from Mark Zuckerberg seemingly confirmed that Downpour was working on Onward 2.

After July 31, Onward will no longer be playable on the original Quest. Players on Quest 1 will be greeted with a message stating their headset is no longer supported when opening the game. Onward will continue to support PC VR, Quest 2 and Quest Pro devices.

Downpour Interactive says it made the decision so it can “focus [the studio’s] development efforts.” The studio says that refunds will not be offered to owners of Onward on Quest 1 and that refunds are subject to Meta’s content refund policy for Quest. The policy states that refunds will not be offered more than 14 days after a purchase, “unless otherwise required by applicable law.”

Downpour also states in an FAQ that “players on Quest devices will need to remake loadouts, gunstock calibrations, and settings on any new device or upon any reinstall of the game.” 

This announcement follows similar ones from Meta (and Meta-owned studios) detailing end of support for the original Quest headset across games and other core services. Early last month, Meta announced that it would cut the original Quest off from built-in social features and won’t be providing new feature updates. Last October, Meta-owned studio BigBox VR dropped Quest 1 support for Population: One, its VR battle royale game.

You can find more info in Downpour Interactive’s FAQ about Onward ending Quest 1 support.

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